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I am compelled to expose the unrefined, chaotic and sometimes hideous aspects of myself. Exhibiting the elegance of my body has felt equally charged. To own one's beauty can be just as raw as the audacity to be seen as ugly. As a woman, no matter what I do, my appearance is always being judged. That is why I decided to put myself in front of the camera, because it is a rare moment to define my image on my terms, to be free to explore who I am outside of gender, culture, time, space....    


This scares me, because I can tell I am just at the cusp of what what wants to be expressed through my body. But that's what this is all about. To be afraid and persist.


.....the hope of my art is that it may serve to inspire others who feel silenced, ignored, unheard or misrepresented by culture or society to speak their poetry. The struggle I have gone through--and continue to experience--in discovering my voice has shown me that more than ever, the world is in need of diverse  perspectives and new narratives because the current mainstream storylines being used--disempower us. 


My art is a prayer and a dedication to the strength and courage of all creative souls to speak up, rub up against the system, to share.


Especially those who don't call themselves artists.     

I am listening. 

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